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SHK Diamond Rough Tender
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09/04/24 to 12/04/24

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About Us

SHK Diamond

SHK diamond was established in the year of 1999



We provide the most effective & transparent tender/auction platform for selling & buying the rough & polished diamonds.


  • Galaxy Tablets are used for stock circulation, which is handled by private well-trained salesperson in each room.
  • SHK DIAMOND offers efficient, transparent, fully automated stock management operating system with use of GALAXY Tabs.


  • SHK DIAMOND is the first and only online tender/auction platform in INDIA, who brings Buyer, Supplier, Broker on a same Platform.
  • SHK DIAMOND provides selling & buying solution for rough/polished diamond Producer, manufacturer and traders through inventive and highly secured online tender/auction platform.
  • SHK DIAMOND has created unique, safe and password-protected online platform to systemize bidding process, which is done under the observation of senior management team.
  • It also generates actual & immediate reports and analysis of all bids/logs/entries, can be customized according to all types of needs.


  • In Surat City, SHK DIAMOND provides modern, centralized fully air-conditioned viewing rooms with separate sorting tables and ideal light conditions.
  • Each room is equipped with GALAXY Tabs, Telephone line, Wi-fi and all necessary diamond-viewing tools.
  • In addition, SHK DIAMOND put forward security the most important measures in all of operations. SHK premises have strong security arrangements with fully covered iffco-tokio insurance.
  • SHK DIAMOND has also Strong room with multiple safe vault for storage of diamonds, which complies with 24×7, 360 degree camera monitoring.


  • SHK DIAMOND has experienced & dedicated sorting and valuation team to handle All type of byproducts & Run-of -Mine production.


  • SHK has dynamic software to invite & schedule allocation of room for viewings on basis of first come first serve. Whole system is entirely advanced and automated.


  • SHK DIAMOND offers opportunity to all diamond Traders, Producers, Manufacturers, Jewelers, Producers & Miners to introduce their diamond product line.

How Tender Works

List your Diamonds
with us

List your Diamonds with us

We will get diamonds from various types of industrialists like traders and manufacturers etc. involved in the diamond industry in Surat and then arrange the goods for sale on the online tender platform.

Inspection of Goods and Submit Bids

Inspection of Goods and Submit Bids

Buyers from various companies in Surat will be invited to inspect the goods received from the supplier. The inspection will be conducted at the premises of SHK Diamond. After completion of the inspection, bidding will be done by the buyer through online tender platform.

Results and Payments

Results and Payments

The bids submitted by the companies from Surat and other cities which participated in the tender will be opened and the winner will be declared by the highest bid placed in respect of each lot which will be an automated software completely free from human interference. The winning company will make payment through bank to SHK Diamond in respect of the winning diamond.
Why Join Us​

Why Should Join Us ?

SHK Diamond is the one and only independent diamond tender/auction organizer in India, in which we give opportunities to buy varieties of rough & polished diamond assortments in very wide range, also for suppliers to sell their all kind of rough & polished diamond assortments and singles via SHK platform across world.

Presently , SHK Diamond has more than 500+ registered Suppliers and over 1000+ registered Buyers ,We are fully circled operational with them means that symbolize to reach to top services in organizing successful tender/auction events

SHK Diamond has full capabilities of organizing successful events one after one. At Present, We have full operating capabilities of managing 3 tender/Auction event in a month


  • Suppliers can sell all kind of Rough Diamonds under one roof and they will get result to quickly.
  • Exemption from the standard distinctions between India and whole World.
  • Parcels of diamonds roaming in many hands and wasting lots of time with brokers and parties for selling your goods but it not happen here.
  • Assured for goods security because our all operation is in under CCTV Camera.
  • Reseller of local markets gets opportunity to increase their business and sell their goods faster.
  • Suppliers all Stock gets new buyers.
  • All transactions in Bank and with Bills only is assurance of Risk free transaction of Business.
  • Suppliers can get best price of their Goods.


  • There will be a chance to choose from a wide Range of Goods.
  • Even the smallest Buyer who have registered company in Surat will be able to participant in the tender.
  • In our tender Buyer will see different assortment of Rough Diamonds from the same article.
  • Buyers can purchase goods in good price in tender as well as get benefits like, Saving time of traveling to abroad and the cost of Trip will also be saved. 

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